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Bass Guitar Lessons

Calen Tackett

Musical History: Calen has been a musician since age 12 starting in church choir where he learned basics of reading music and how to work with other musicians. He started playing guitar at age 14 and spent much of his free time practicing. Calen played in churches from age 16 and played in various worship teams for the next 3 years including leading the youth worship team at Mountain View Baptist Church in Centralia WA for a year. in that time he learned the basics of arranging and transitions. When he moved to Bremerton WA to join a christian rock band, he got experience in touring and was also the principle song writer for the band for the next two years. During that time, he toured California and North and South Carolina and also learned a lot about the writing process and how to arrange original material. In the time since, Calen has kept busy getting involved with a variety of styles and projects including, Vibe Central (an R&B project performing at a variety of places around WA), Living Water Church in Olympia (playing a few sunday morning services and supplying guitar for a jazz band that was formed for use in a play doing 4 performances), and Baabling Brooke (an original jazz/indie band based in Tacoma WA, performing at several popular venues in Tacoma and Seattle).

Teaching History: Calen has been teaching guitar for about 3 years and has had roughly 100 students in that time. some of his students have even gone on to excel and begin to compose their own material or perform in cover bands. Calen caters his curriculum to the students goals, starting with basic playing techniques then introduces appropriate amounts of music theory, improvisation, and composition. He also attempts to adjust his teaching style to the students learning style to maximize comprehension. Calen has been a results oriented teacher and continues to strive to help his students succeed and have fun doing it!


Sam Doyon

Sam Doyon is a gigging musician and instructor from Puyallup, WA. Sam has over 15 years experience as an instructor and prolific gigging bass, guitar, and brass player playing with acts such as The Bog Hoppers, Trees Without Leaves, The Hermanos Brothers, Pierce College Concert and Jazz bands, and his own solo act. He plays a variety of styles including jazz, rock, slap-and-pop bass, funk, blues, country, folk, classical and fusion. Sam has a degree in fine arts from Pierce College with an emphasis in performance and theory as well as a bachelor's degree in Psychology from St. Martins University. While at Pierce, Sam studied with Kareem Kandi of The Paperboys. Sam continues to play Tuba in the Pierce College Community Band and gigs primarily with The Bog Hoppers and Trees Without Leaves. While playing with these bands, he has had the opportunity to play alongside Big Wheel Stunt Show, The Young Dubliners, Abney Park, The Voodoos, and many other locally and internationally known acts.


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