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Guitar Lessons

Jesse Savage
As long as I can remember, I have always had a deep affection for music. Although I tried other instruments early on, I fell for guitar when I was fifteen years old. I believe in pursuing hobbies or jobs - or anything you set out to do - with the intention of doing your best . This means learning what you can from others, keeping an open mind to new concepts, and always taking time for independent study of your chosen passion. My personal studies have focused on rhythm and lead guitar, music theory, sight reading, and notation.  I always try to put it all together with some heart and soul.  I have played in numerous rock, blues, and country bands in which our bands opened for various mainstream artists.  I have played a lot of other types of music as well.  I worked at Ernie Ball/Music Man for 3 years as a set-up technician.

The bottom line is, no matter what you know, or who you have played with, or what gear you have, the whole idea is to have fun. Play what sounds good to you.


Kregg Mattson
15 years in the music business.  Worked as a single, duo and group format.   Performed with the show group, "NORTHSHORE" throughout   the west coast, Reno, and Florida as an Entertainer and Vocalist. Responsible for vocal and musical arrangements.

Geoffry Klok
Geoffry Klok has been a student of the guitar for more than 9 years and a pupil in music for nearly 20. Though originally inspired by the likes of Stevie Ray Vaughn, he is classically trained in the lineage of masters such as Julian Bream and Christopher Parkening.  His tastes constantly expand to include jazz, blues, rock, folk, bluegrass, and everything in between.  He is an active solo and ensemble artist and performs frequently in the South Sound area at public and private functions.  He is a graduate of the University of Puget Sound '02 and has been teaching his instrument of choice for almost 4 years.  He is the resident private teacher and performer for the Parks Department of the City of Tacoma.  His curriculum is an amalgam, including the Noad and Shearer methods, supplemented by dozens of personal transcriptions and compositions, and frequently draws on the requests of students as new material.

Calen Tackett

Musical History: Calen has been a musician since age 12 starting in church choir where he learned basics of reading music and how to work with other musicians. He started playing guitar at age 14 and spent much of his free time practicing. Calen played in churches from age 16 and played in various worship teams for the next 3 years including leading the youth worship team at Mountain View Baptist Church in Centralia, WA for a year. in that time he learned the basics of arranging and transitions. When he moved to Bremerton WA to join a christian rock band, he got experience in touring and was also the principle song writer for the band for the next two years. During that time, he toured California and North and South Carolina and also learned a lot about the writing process and how to arrange original material. In the time since, Calen has kept busy getting involved with a variety of styles and projects including, Vibe Central (an R&B project performing at a variety of places around WA), Living Water Church in Olympia (playing a few sunday morning services and supplying guitar for a jazz band that was formed for use in a play doing 4 performances), and Baabling Brooke (an original jazz/indie band based in Tacoma WA, performing at several popular venues in Tacoma and Seattle).

Teaching History: Calen has been teaching guitar for about 3 years and has had roughly 100 students in that time. some of his students have even gone on to excel and begin to compose their own material or perform in cover bands. Calen caters his curriculum to the students goals, starting with basic playing techniques then introduces appropriate amounts of music theory, improvisation, and composition. He also attempts to adjust his teaching style to the students learning style to maximize comprehension. Calen has been a results oriented teacher and continues to strive to help his students succeed and have fun doing it!


Linden Montgomery
My name is Linden Montgomery and I am excited about the opportunity to help you learn. As your instructor, it will be my goal and privilege to impart greater understanding of Guitar and Ukulele and music in general. I believe the best instruction will encourage, challenge, inspire and equip students to excel. I began playing guitar about the age of fourteen and it is still one of the best decisions I have ever made. Initially, I took some lessons as a teen and learned a few chords and a few songs. Early into adulthood, I began to pursue a higher level of knowledge about Guitar. I made a conscious decision to learn the guitar neck and to gain more understanding of music. I then took lessons from several different instructors and I utilized a variety of different learning methods. Music provides opportunity for continued growth and lifelong learning. I am still learning, but now I have more tools with which to work. I am eager to help with the learning process and I look forward to meeting you. I earned a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Washington-Tacoma and I have fulfilled Graduate credits for conferral of a Master's Degree. I have limited live performance and recording experience.


Dan Wilson
Read Dan's bio in the About Us page

Steve Ross

Steve's approach to teaching: I like to find out what kinds of songs the student would like to play and then start them on the fundamentals of that path. Gaining a comprehensive understanding of how chords and scales work together while having fun learning a favorite song is a fantastic way to learn. I am passionate about music and I'm passionate about people learning and achieving. Installing a strong work ethic. It is after all perseverance that makes competent musicians!


Anand Landon
Hello! My name is Anand Landon. I am a 21 year old guitarist, bassist, vocalist, drummer, beatboxer, and arranger. I grew up in Manhattan Beach California and I have a had a passion for music since sophomore year of high school. I currently go to the University of Puget Sound where I am studying jazz guitar and arranging under the direction of legendary alto saxophonist Tracy Knoop. I am proficient at playing jazz, rock, blues, metal, progressive rock, and some classical. At UPS I play guitar and bass in jazz orchestra, I sing in the adelphian concert choir, and I beatbox in the mixed a cappella group Underground Sound. I also gig regularly around the Tacoma area with various jazz projects and my band 48 degrees North. My goal is to have students know that they can achieve their ambition and that with hard work and a drive to succeed they can overcome any obstacle. It is in my best interest to teach what the students want to learn and teach them concepts that are rewarding, challenging, and when mastered, can be really fun. It is my duty to be the best teacher I can be to my students.


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